Advanced Guitar Students

Do any of these situations apply to you?

  1. You been playing for a number of years but you are finding yourself either getting bored with your guitar playing, or feeling a little stagnant and need help getting reaching a new plateau.
  2. You are a pretty good already, but you are thinking about studying guitar at a University/College and you need help in making sure you are fully prepared to pass the required audition.
  3. You can play, but you really want to learn more theory so you can be an even better musician/guitarist.
  4. You are a Folk, or Rock, or Country guitarist and you want to immerse yourself in both style and theory of Jazz & Swing, and the world of Improvisation Techniques.
  5. You are a Jazz player already. You know about Chords, Theory, and Improvisation, but you want to learn the art of accompanying yourself so you don’t need to play with a pianist or another guitarist. You will impress people on how you sound like two guitar players instead of one!

As a Teacher:
I am an expert on both fingerstyle and flatpicking techniques, whether applied to acoustic or electric guitar. Together we can explore more advanced music topics related to guitar including: better fretboard knowledge, chords, scales and how scales they relate to chords and how to use them creatively to improvise, comping (the art of accompaniment), theory, sight reading, and composition. For more advanced Jazz students, I can teach you the art of trio playing, how to comp for yourself while playing melodies or soloing like a pianist, ala Lenny Breau & Ed Bickert.

My goal as a music teacher is to follow a plan based on your goals. Goals change over time as the student learns more and becomes more proficient, whether playing is a hobby or a professional aspiration. This is why it is important to maintain an open channel of communication between teacher and student. If the student has a good working knowledge of the basics, they can take guitar and music in any direction they desire.

No “cookie cutter approach” here. Lessons are structured around each individual according to their needs, interests, and goals. You can learn a variety of styles from a versatile guitarist. However, Jazz is my specialty

With more than 40 yrs of learning and studying guitar, 38yrs of performing experience, and with 27 yrs of teaching experience, I can help you to fast-track your musical, guitar experience.

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